Rekabina Potensi Sdn Bhd was established in February 2009.
We provide construction services to renovate homes and build new bungalows in Klang Valley and Selangor.

Our services includes designing your construction according to your requirements and needs, obtaining approvals from local authorities for your construction and carrying out your construction. We have completed more than 160 units of projects involving renovation of homes or construction of new bungalows over the past years. We will be glad to use our experience and knowledge to assist you in your renovation or build your new bungalow.

We provide all kinds of construction under one roof to facilitate your works requirements.

– Masonry works for construction of extension of homes or new bungalows.
– All utility/finishing works states below will be carried out by our Malaysian workers to optimize the workmanship and quality of your finishes:

  1. Floor and wall finishes – tiling and timber flooring.
  2. Painting
  3. Electrical works
  4. Plumbing works
  5. Aluminium and glass works for windows and doors.
  6. Iron works grilles and gates.

We provide a comprehensive package for your construction: Design/Approval/Build.

A detailed quotation will be provided to you listing all the individual construction works required with proper measurements and sizes with itemised pricing. Throughout the whole process of your construction from initial planning/designing to the completion of your construction, you will be dealing with one party i.e our company to ensure a smooth process, cost effectiveness and quality control.

We look forward to be of service to you.